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  • Craig Markham

2019 Club Championship

Collier Park

In a change a format, the last two weeks of the year were dedicated to the Club Championships (C.C). A special thanks to Sam Wagner and Gary Hammond for sponsoring the prizes and to Doug for paying for food for everyone on the final day. There are two summaries of the event.

The short version

I didn’t win, someone else did, so see you all next year.

The long version

At the start of the first week you can see that everyone was serious as they went into various practice areas of the course, some chipping, others putting or on the range. Some were seen on all three. As usual everyone had a chance at the handicapped title while the field for the gross title was a little reduced with the absence of JamieP, Dave Ovel and Sam. There was however many others not far off handicap wise and it put a bit more expected pressure on the likes of Norm Mike and myself. Being stroke anything can happen. To most peoples surprise any practice putting and chipping went out the window on the first 9 as the greens had been cored and lightly sanded. Pace and line was all over the place and 3 putts were common.

That caused frustration as dealing with that and the expected regular trouble doubled down on the disappointment of great score. No one put together a good score and talk amongst the groups had everyone saying “I ve stuffed it’. Personally 3 x 3 putts, 3 x balls in the water and 5 bunkers put me well behind the leaders however I was not alone. At the half way point of the CC Norm had the best gross score on 83, he also thought he was off pace, as these games had traditionally served up a score in the 70’s by someone. Jamie Fitzpatrick played a steady game to lead the handicapped score with 70 with 4 just behind on 71 and another 2 on 72.

Week 2 had the same 9’s played with the same pin positions; the greens were less sandy however still two paced and with various line issues. Mike and I were determined to chase down Norm being 3 and 5 shots down respectively while a much larger pack was right behind Jamie. I blew any chance with 3 x doubles to start the round and Mike had his own issues. Norm felt like he was off target a bit but still getting pars and bogeys, no doubles which was the main thing. Jamie again played steady and as the cards started roll in Dave Ovel did a good job at sorting out a leader board. There were 3 on net 142 including Stafford whom unfortunately ran into trouble on the last hole with a 9. Leigh played consistently over the two weeks with some great ball striking and long drives, he was also amongst the gross leaders after day 1 which was great to see after coming back from a week off.

Jamie being in the final group held his nerve and came in with another net 70 to take it with 140. Mike and I were tied for the gross on a 169 kinda hoping Norm had done something silly in the final holes to also have a 169 however that was not to be. He held firm and came in with a very respectable 81 in the conditions to take out the Open title. It was Norm and Jamie's first titles within the CC. Congratulation on great games as two weeks of stroke is always interesting but every year the winners don’t blow the game apart they just play to their handicaps which is easier said than done.

For the full scoring summary, see the Club championship link on the Stats page.

As far as being the President goes I would like to thank everyone for an interesting year to say the least. There was some great golf and some robust discussion in the committee which worked its way out. We had some new members come along with a couple more to join next year. Specifically Steve Hooper, who submitted his 3rd card and played some great shots in week 2 and could have easily had another 2 NTP. The club is in a good position for next season and we shall see you at the the Annual Dinner, AGM, South West Open or Game 1.

Gross Title

Winner: Norm Mews 164

Runners Up: Mike Patton and Craig Markham 169

Handicap Title

Winner: Jamie Fitzpatrick 140

Runner Up: Leigh Harris 142

(On a count back from Norm mews and Stafford Mellowship)


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