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  • Craig Markham

Pickled yet fresh

Collier - Stableford

This week was just a standard relaxing game of Stableford.

Jamie made a welcome comeback after a few weeks off recovering from finger surgery and was having to play Matchplay against Scott. That in itself was a tough ask, Jamie played really well, to his handicap and took out the win from Peter Fitzpatrick.

Scott came through with the Matchplay win though in and up and down battle all game. This was reflected in the scores with Scott one shot off the win. However ……… a review of the handicaps later this week revealed that the handicaps on the day for some people, including Scott were incorrect by one shot. Scott graciously retracted the win and agreed to a rematch next week.


1st: Jamie Pickles (36)

2nd: Peter Fitzpatrick (36)

3rd: Scott Robins (35)

NAGA: Pete Tallon (19)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Craig Markham

Pines 7th: Craig Markham

Lakes 3rd: Ian Havenstein

Lakes 5th: Norm Mews

Lakes 8th: Gary Hammond

Nearest in 2: Norm Mews

Nearest in 3: Dave Ovel

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Lui Dinardo

B Grade: Peter Fitzpatrick

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