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Pirate plunders monthly medal

Collier - Stroke - Monthly Medal

Real golf was played this week …. Stroke. With great weather came some great scores.

Dave Thomas was on song with no real blowouts and with his smooth swing once the drives get going you knows it’s going to be a good day. There ever reliable Doug was up there, playing within his game and doing all things right while Rob kept us all thinking doing unconventional things to get desired result, in particular but not limited to taking putter off the tee on the Par 3’s . It must be working though as he had a better off the stick score than myself after 12 holes.

The main focus of the day was the third installment of Matchplay between Robin and Mike after the first two ended square. This time though, Robin had lost a few shots off his handicap so it was not instilling him with much confidence. Anything could happen when two people with sensational swings and fundamentals match up as their tempo never seems to change, it’s just robotic. Robin was able to hold on and take out a 1 up victory to move forward into the next round.

Hammo struck some trouble in a bunker that seems to just swallow balls, so after a few attempts he decided to pick up in the spirit of keeping the game flowing and not holding up the groups behind. This caused a DQ into what was looking like NAGA in any case

Match play report courtesy of Robin Dalby (again!)

Could this be third time lucky and a result forthcoming after two drawn Match Play duels between Mike and Robin? By this stage, it was only Lui who probably cared, apart from the committee concerned about keeping the Match Play program on track. The pattern was scarily familiar as the Patton, though going par twice over the first four holes, was 3-down. His opponent had uncharacteristically made par on 3 of them but, as his unpredictable form dictates, his golf got the wobbles and double bogeys flowed. Mike was creaming his drives but, only able to turn one of the next four holes into par, still squared the match by the 8th, after a cracker of a wood from the crest of a bunker and an awkward stance (see pic). (MP: What poise!... What style.. What sheer arse!) Both double bogeyed the 9th and Robin turned 1-up courtesy of a handicap stroke. The trip over Lake produced only 3 pars, Mike making two of them, his shot to the signature par 3 5th a real gem. The lead changed hands over each of the first three holes, Robin gifting the 1st after missing a 2 foot putt. Mike grabbed the advantage at the 6th with Robin squaring it at the 7th with another courtesy handicap stroke and Mike frustrated at another putt that he’d hit right on the predicted line that wouldn’t drop. That feeling of déjà vu hovered over the 18th tee, the match squared and both hitting strong drives. Mike’s second was one of his best but, in a cruel twist, it just failed to clear the front bunker by a whisker. He was out and with a good length putt to close while Robin had managed to make par. The signs were all there but Mike’s putt fell surprisingly (MP: predictably ) short and his second curled just enough to miss the hole . . . the two only able to be separated by the barest of margins.

MP: All three matches were at times rewarding and frustrating for both of us, but the company was always enjoyable. So now I can enjoy the company of some other members, as 60% of my rounds this year have been match play against Dalbs. :)


1st: Dave Thomas (66)

2nd: Doug Stewart (68)

3rd: Rob Mizen (68)

NAGA: Gary Hammond (No Score)

Nearest to Pins:

Lakes 3rd: Dave Thomas

Lakes 5th: Mike Patton

Lakes 8th: Dave Thomas

Island 2nd: Gary Hammond

Island 4th: Dave Thomas

Nearest in 2: Robin Dalby

Nearest in 3: Ian Havenstien

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Dave Ovel

B Grade: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Match Play:

Robin Dalby def Mike Patton 1 up

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