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  • Michael Patton

Changes to the GA handicap system coming

Golf Australia is making some adjustments to the way our handicaps will be calculated from 30 January 2020. Golflink will be down for approximately 3 days around this period while GA handicaps are recalculated.

There are four major changes:

1) Players posting exceptionally low net scores will have their handicaps reduced by an additional amount;

2) Modifying the rules around the 5 stroke cap to include a "Soft cap" zone where players handicaps will increase more slowly;

3) Change to the Daily handicap formula to transfer the .93 adjustment from the "played to" to the daily handicap calculation;

4) Change to Daily handicap formula to adjust it for differences between scratch rating and par;

Full details are in the document below. More information is coming and I will publish this as it becomes available.

Feel free to talk to any of the committee members if you have any questions or concerns.



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