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Robin keeps rolling along

Secret Harbour - Stableford

The annual pilgrimage to Secret harbour is one usually high on golfers’ calendars, presenting the opportunity to play a true links course in the style of the great and traditional Scottish courses. The forecast was for light winds to the initial relief of today’s players though, as the round progressed, it increased to become a telling factor. The fairways offered plenty of run, provided you found them! Hit off target and there was plenty of sand and a good dose of water to contend with, not to mention the extra lush, thick “rough” which swallowed up many a ball (just ask Trev). But the greens were solid and true and a fair test, if you could read them.

It was a spectacular start with balls whizzing left into sand/bush or right into bush/practice fairway while a few actually found grass. The best of the spectaculars was Trev Bindon’s towering snap hook which had the course controller cringing at the sound of ball hitting someone’s unsuspecting home. There were a few more near-house-misses as the round proceeded, Pete Tallon amongst the big-hitting contributors. But it was two old stagers who managed to control the elements and their game the best on a day when low scores ruled.

Doug Stewart, fresh from a bout of banana-bending, played a very measured round managing to keep it mainly straight and steadily accumulating points with just one wipe with scores of 17 and 18. The course took revenge on one hole, Doug landing in a bunker and skinnying the shot through the green into a lake. Robin, on the other hand, was hot (3 pars) and cold (3 wipes) over the outward nine, scrambling 15 points (half on the last two holes) before settling into a rhythm at the 13th to come home with 4 pars, three over the final 3 holes, to steal today’s win on countback. Next best was (somewhat hapless) Hammo. He was striking great drives off the tee and sank some excellent long putts, one 7 metres or so from just off the green, to turn with 17 points and the hint of a smile. Charged through the next two holes with 5 points and then . . . the vagaries of golf set in with 3 double bogeys and wipes on two of the last three holes. But he did get the last laugh, pipping Stormin’ Norman for the A long drive.

A great lunch; great value – $90 for golf/cart/meal; great golf course. Well done Hammo for organising an enjoyable day.


1st: Robin Dalby (35) on countback from the mercurial

2nd: Doug Stewart (35)

3rd: Gary Hammond (29)

NAGA: Pete Fitzpatrick (17)

Nearest to Pins:

5th: Scott Robins

7th: Jamie Fitzpatrick

12th: Trev Bindon

17th: No takers

Nearest in 2 (15th): No takers

Nearest in 3 (11th): Trev Bindon

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Gary Hammond

B Grade: Jamie Fitzpatrick

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