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Stafford fires at Founders

Collier - Founders cup - Stableford

This week was the Founders Cup which was sponsored by Jamie and Pete Fitzpatrick. The club is very grateful to those that sponsor a major as it just eases that financial burden for one week and allows the committee to direct funds toward clothing attire or the end of year function.

It was great to see Dave back from overseas, and he hadn’t lost a thing. He had a few birdies along the way and came in with another sub 80 round. Stafford bought his A grade game again having around 24 points at the turn and cruising through the back nine with further 17 which included a wipe. He picked up his 2nd major of the year and catapulted to the lead on the Master Jacket. With a 23 to drop off his best 5 he all but has that in the bag, not a bad first season at all!

(MP: With me being privy to the full stats from Lawrie, Craig is partially correct. Stafford is leading, but there are two other players just behind him and another further two who could sweep in with a good final round and some missteps by the leaders.)

It was great to see Pete at the pointy end as well with 39. He has made slight adjustments to his stance over the driver which has seemed to straighten him up.

Phil was back to play his match play with myself, match play is always a hard task when you play ever week, so coming in after not playing for 6 weeks makes things a bit difficult. Phil had some great long drives and accurate approaches which made the game closer than the score suggests. His score was a surprise, as it felt like he had 33 not 23. Next match play stop for me is Rob Mathias (we are telling the truth this time!).


1st: Stafford Mellowship (41)

2nd: Dave Ovel (40)

3rd: Pete Tallon (39)

NAGA: Phil Hudson (23)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Craig Markham

Pines 7th: Norm Mews

Lakes 3rd: Dave Ovel

Lakes 5th: Scott Robins

Lakes 8th: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 2: Norm Mews

Nearest in 3: Mike Newman

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Craig Markham

B Grade: Pete Tallon

Match Play

Craig Markham 4 and 3 over Phil Hudson

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