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  • Craig Markham

Dalby a Cut above the rest

The Cut - Stableford

This week was one the most anticipated courses, ‘The Cut’. It’s not such a long course but is very challenging with tight fairways and thick rough, basically anything off the fairway is lost. It's not unusual to lose 5 or 6 balls. Taking that into account you can see where the 3 winners made it through as there is nothing you could say that is erratic about their games. All of them play within their means and never try and force a round of golf unlike some of the bigger hitters. So if you are talking smooth, you are talking Robin Dalby. Such an easy, technical and consistent swing that’s just a joy to watch. His 39 points today was one of the higher scores we have seen at The Cut.

Lui put in a great score as well, there is a couple of subtle differences between the swing of Robin and Lui however, when you know what you are dealing with and allow for it, then there is no issues .He showed that today, playing within his means and doing what had to be done, just consistent smart golf. And then we come to Lawrie, there is nothing much more I say about him that hasn’t been covered in just about any other write up this year. His consistency is amazing, his game, handicap and methodical play are all in unison which is allowing for no real fluctuations, 36ish every week, which by the numbers is good enough and what we should all strive for. My partner is also starting to worry; I have more photos of Lawrie on my phone than anyone else (aside from my dog). Any more and I am going to have give him a fake name, hide the folder or get another SIM. ….. “I suppose you are going to golf …..Will Lawrie be there? “

In other news it was great to see Zelko back for a game after being a member for many years, we hope he comes back again soon, maybe Araluen?

You can see by the images the Long Drive competition was close which translated into some great approaches some.

Further to that you can see the tightness of the course for those yet to play it.


1st: Robin Dalby (39)

2nd: Lui Dinardo (36)

3rd: Lawrie Gibson (32)

NAGA: Pete Tallon (19)

Nearest to Pins:

4th: Leigh Harris

13th: Doug Stewart

16th: Mike Newman

Nearest in 2: Leigh Harris

Nearest in 3:

5th: Leigh Harris

15th: Zelko Maurac

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Craig Markham

B Grade: Mike Newman

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