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Gibson extends OOM lead

Collier - Stroke - Monthly Medal

This week was stroke and Golden Putter. It was great to see Mike Patton back from a trip to the homeland and get straight into it with some fantastic approaches and NTP’s.

Just to sound like a broken record, Lawrie was the man to catch after another great round whereby he plays to the conditions and his handicaps and doesn’t take risks. He has 2 hands firmly grasping the Players Cup for the most Order of Merit points.

Nigel played in a similar style and Scott, who is either near the top or the bottom and never in the middle was at the right end this week for 3rd place on a count back.

Marc who always seems to be at the top, picked up a rare NAGA, however he can be excused as he was trying out some new clubs. The rest of us have no one to blame but ourselves !

(Match play report courtesy of Robin Dalby)

It was the Canadian Fearsome against the Giant Killer and Mike was giving Dalbs a hefty 15

strokes. “What, me worry?” said Mike as the two strode to the tee agreeing the object of the

game was to have fun . . . yes, really!!

And so Mike had fun carving up Dalbs over the first 2 with pars to go 2 up. After Mike flatlined out of a bunker, Dalbs clawed one back but, 2 holes later after a superb Patton iron at the signature Lake 5th for birdie, was back to 2 down. After 2 consecutive pars and Mike 4-putting the 8th, Dalbs was 1 up only to see the match squared at the turn.

Mike then revealed he was revamping his putting stroke and his struggles with length suddenly became clear. And just as suddenly, he 3-putted the first 3 on Island to prove his point but still went 3 up as Dalbs went to water . . . well, sand actually with an 11 on the 10th and some further wayward golf.

He then settled to square the next two and be 3 down with 4 to play. The combination of Mike’s putting woes and a couple of uncharacteristically wayward shots saw Dalbs claw back the next 3 holes with the help of two 1-putts and extra handicap strokes to be square going into the 18th. And that’s how it finished, Mike’s 42 putts perhaps quite costly and a stark contrast to his magnificent ball striking that was a pleasure to watch.

(Self indulgent webmaster moment)

I have mentioned to some of you that I've started tracking my strokes gained stats. The following image comparing my round to a typical 5 handicap, shows just how stark the contrast was between ball striking and putting on the day. The minor adjustment to the full swing is working well. As for the putting, well, that's a work in progress, but after being a below average putter all my life, it is time to try something different.

For those not as far along the golf nerd spectrum as I am, here is a link to a good video explaining the methodology.


1st: Lawrie Gibson (68)

2nd: Nigel Smith (72)

3rd: Scott Robins (72)

NAGA: Mark Ellis (87)

Nearest to Pins:

Lakes 3rd: Rob Mathias

Lakes 5th: Mike Patton

Lakes 8th: Rob Mathias

Island 2nd: Mike Patton

Island 4th: Mike Patton

Nearest in 2: Mike Newman

Nearest in 3: Mike Patton

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Gary Hammond

B Grade: Lawrie Gibson

Longest Putt: Nigel Smith

Match Play:

Mike Patton and Robin Dalby All Square

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