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  • Craig Markham

Round of the century?

Collier - Stroke - Monthly Medal

This week was another installment of the Golden Putter and Monthly Medal. As usual, Stroke catches a few people out with a few 7 and 8’s being mentioned during the day. On the putting front Craig had a handy 12 putts on the front 9 however a 4 putt on the back ruined any chance of great day. Marc Ellis had another great all round game coming with a score of 65 that would win just about any other stroke day in recent memory while the ever consistent Stafford came in with a very respectable 69 in the third pace. Further to that Stafford also defeated Basil one up on the last in the Matchplay. Basil held an early lead however over the final 9 the handicap factor and the consistency ran him down.

Now over the years that I have been at the club there has been some great rounds, some have been the round of people’s life. It’s a moment, similar to a Hole in One, a moment in time when you say "Right now is the best golf that I will ever play" and you can enjoy ever second of it. A few of those were, Norm paring Maylands in a Matchplay final against CM, his best ever score. Laurie an 80 , also his best score, on a 23 handicap also in a Matchplay final against CM, Kim Long 78 off an 18 for his best ever score and Craig who also parred Maylands with 4 birdies and eagle and we always think about Robin an 84 at Sun City for 48 points. But wipe that ….. I was told at a young age that if you have the right technique good days will come and go but you will be never out of it for long, where as bad technique will let you down time and time again and will always hold you back. Now when we think of Robin and golf we always think of that perfect smooth swing and today it didn’t let him down as he had a Net 58, a score that no one had seen before, 14 under his handicap.

To put it into perspective this is equivalent of Dave shooting 4 under, or Mike and Craig 6 under. It was a great round that had 28 putts to go with some great drives and approaches, it just all came together and I don ’t think we will see a Net 58 / 49 point game for a long time to come. Well done Robin!

In other news it was great to see Rob Mizen back on the course after a heart scare, 6 days in Joondalup Hospital, 2 x stents and some rat sack ( blood thinners ) and he is back on track and looking good. He probably didn’t want people to the know that, however he is the 6th person I know this year that has had symptoms of heart issues (tightness of the chest, tingling sensations in the arms and hands, loss of breath, pale and generally feeling unwell) and has been reluctant to get a checked out but once they do, they find they were moments from a massive event. So Rob I apologize however, the more educated people get on it, the more they might look out for themselves or someone else, exactly how your mates hounded you to go even if it was 1:30 am during a poker night !


1st: Robin Dalby (58)

2nd: Marc Ellis (65)

3rd: Stafford Mellowship (69)

NAGA: Scott Robins (80)

Nearest to Pins:

Lakes 3rd: Dave Thomas (go Leeds!)

Lakes 5th: Rob Mizen

Lakes 8th: Basil Musca

Island 2nd: Rob Mathias

Island 4th: Marc Ellis

Nearest in 2: Peter Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 3: Craig Markham

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Norm Mews

B Grade: Marc Ellis

Match Play:

Stafford Mellowship def. Basil Musca 1 up

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