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Stafford leverages home field advantage

Wanneroo - Stableford

This week s game was at the Wanneroo Golf Club which is always a challenging course however equally enjoyable.

There were some conversations during the week about matchplays (again) and whether Dave would play Stafford at his home course and whether Craig would play Phil. Neither of those games panned out as Dave had other things to do on Sunday and Phil was a little under the weather when he rolled up, however he played really well considering.

There was some reasonable rain throughout the day however the greens drained really well and the pace didn’t seem too affected. As expected Stafford was the leader at the half way point, his local knowledge was invaluable as he had 23 points after 9 holes. The ever smooth swing of Robin was on show again as he played consistently with signs of the ‘Sun City’ round last year. Leigh was also in fine form using the driver well and having great touch around the greens sinking many 2 -3 meter putts. He hardly put a foot wrong and was a pleasure to watch. Stafford continued to have his way with 17 on the back to finish just in front of Dalbs. Leigh was happy with 3rd as there wasn’t much else he could do to get to 40 points and on course that has seen a 28 win ( a year that Heiney beat half the field and he left after 9 holes ) in the past. Congratulation to all the winners on what was a very enjoyable day.


1st: Stafford Mellowship (40)

2nd: Robin Dalby (39)

3rd: Leigh Harris (37)

NAGA: Gary Hammond (23)

Nearest to Pins:

4th: Pete Tallon

8th: Gary Hammond

11th: Norm Mews

15th: Doug Stewart

Nearest in 2: Leigh Harris

Nearest in 3: Leigh Harris

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Leigh Harris

B Grade: Mark Ellis

Longest Putt: Robin Dalby

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