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Hmm, maybe the old shirts work better?

Collier - Stroke - Monthly Medal

This week was real golf and the next installment of the Golden Putter and Monthly Medal with some much talked about matchplays thrown in. One of those matchplays was between the two Jamie’s, which I had the pleasure of watching. Jamie Pickles (JP) leapt to an early lead by paring the first 6 holes before a double on the 7th and then returning to par country for the final two holes taking a 3 up lead. Jamie Fitzpatrick just had some bad luck along the way and did really well to stay in touch however there was nothing neither he nor anyone could do as JP was in ‘The Zone‘. The other 3 matchplays were panning out the same way with one taking a dominate lead early and the other playing catch-up (aside from Basil who was behind a little and then caught up to take the win). Stroke has that habit of exposing people with some horrible scores. Pete was shaking his head but never losing his smile as he clocked up an 11 and couple of 10’s. However he avoided NAGA as Peter Fitzpatrick struggled around ending up with a net 91. Jamie continued his consistent form on the back 9 to finish with a gross 78. It was rare to see such a good score with no birdies, just great standard driver wedge 2 putt golf.

Lawrie returned mid way through his holidays for a round as he just wanted to add to his Order of Merit lead after a 4 week break. His nearest rivals though, Hammo and myself, have failed to trouble the scorers so there was no need. Lawrie thought a lazy second place ought to cover his bets until his second return in a month or so, and by recent form of the two behind him it will well and truly leave him in the top positions.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to stir anyone up this week, with any smart comments ……………. But anyway Hammo hit a lovely drive down the middle on the Long Drive hole. I was having a shocker, and stepping up the tee not really thinking until Jamie kindly pointed out, “You do realise this is the Long Drive hole, the marker is a fair way down it’s probably Hammo, don’t take that why don ’t you try and smash one as hard you can?“. This had the effect of a tennis ball on a Kelpie. My ears went up, my head turned to the side. “You’re right, this is for a treat, I mean a ball; stand aside, and ready golf” and I smashed one down the middle. “You’ve nailed that, it’s going over the marker on the up! “. However all that is wonderful in the moment but what happened next?? Hammo drops a long putt (one of only 28) and takes Birdie, I plough the second into the bush and wipe the hole Stableford wise . That’s the difference between someone playing golf and an idiot. (But I did take a photo as it was a great drive and no one will read this bit and just look at the pics )


Group three today consisted four diverse players

Gary "I can one putt from anywhere" Hammond

Leigh "Flubbed layup, now I gotta hammer it" Harris,

Mike "I beat myself up better than anybody" Newman

Mike "Mystery golf" Patton

I spent most of my round in the trees or on other fairways, but I managed to scramble around with my short game (I know it is hard to believe) to put up a reasonable score.

Mike N and Gary should have had better days, based on the ball striking I saw from both of them. But Island eight typified Mike's day. Greenside bunker after two crunching shots, followed by skinnied shot OB, fat bunker shot, then a bit more messing around for a nine.

Every shot I saw Gary hit were some of his best ever, and he was dropping putts from everywhere, So I was surprised he only came in with a net 71. I must have missed all his errant shots when I wandering around in the wilderness searching for my tee shots.

Leigh had one of those days when it wasn't really happening and was always going to finish middle of the pack.


1st: Jamie Pickles (67)

2nd: Lawrie Gibson (69)

3rd: Dennis Scoble (69)

NAGA: Pete Fitzpatrick (91)

Nearest to Pins:

Lakes 3rd: Craig Markham

Lakes 5th: Mike Newman

Lakes 8th: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Island 2nd: Lui Dinardo

Island 4th: Scott Robins

Nearest in 2: Jamie Pickles

Nearest in 3: Jamie Pickles

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Craig Markham

B Grade: Doug Stewart

Match Play:

Lui Dinardo def. Ian Havenstein 4 and 3

Basil Musca def. Marc Ellis 3 and 2

Scott Robins def Pete Fitzpatrick 3 and 2

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