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What pod did you crawl out of? And what have you done with Robin?

Collier - Par

(MP: Title is an obtuse reference to the 1956 film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers")

The weather forecast of storm, tempest, sleet, thunder, gales, lightning, hail and torrential rain with local flooding didn’t put off 16 golfing fanatics. Though the journey over Island was scattered with heavy showers, strong gusty winds and upturned buggies as attached brollies acted like sails, the Lake experience was mainly sunny, wet gear abandoned until a heavy send-off shower watered the 18th hole. Two Match Plays weathered the elements – Basil Musca v Daddy Scoble and Lethal Leigh Harris v Dubious Dalbs.

Today’s scoreboard was dominated by extreme scores at each end and a host of “negatives” in between, ranging from Robin’s winning +6 to Pete Tallon’s -11! Pete was obviously keen to win at least one NAGA this season. Lui has been hot-to-trot in recent weeks and was sizzling home over Lake with 37 off-the-stick for 8 holes but rued a wipe on the “Index 18” (really?) par 3 8th. He could be excused for thinking his +3 on such a wet and windy day could be a winning contender. Nigel made up the podium places scoring better over the wetter Island nine than the drier Lake to finish square with the soggy card.

Match Plays were played to different tunes with raucous calls for drug testing after one result. Both Robin and Leigh had been in ordinary form and both were (legitimately) playing down their chances, Leigh giving Robin 11 handicap strokes. After a thumping iron down the middle off the 1st tee by Leigh and a perfect slice into trees by Robin, the pundits had firmed up where to place their money. But the thin man followed up with some of his better and more consistent tee and fairway shots in a while, backed up by much improved putting making his handicap suddenly seem overgenerous. And, despite a few stray tee and fairways monsters, Leigh was playing well though dogged by some bad luck at times, typified by a sizzling iron from between trees that smacked into the 100m post rebounding straight back beyond where he’d struck the ball. He also had the misfortune of playing Robin in a rare moment of form reversal.

Basil and Scobes had a nip-and-tuck affair between showers over Island, Dennis immediately went 1-up; Basil squared it; Dennis went 1-up again; Basil squared it; Basil went 1-up; Dennis squared it – get the picture (or getting dizzy)? Scobes came out 1-up at the turn and, you guessed it, Basil immediately squared at the Lake 1st. Two holes later another turn . . . for the worst! Whether it was the strong headwinds, lack of match practice, fitness doubts or the fury of the Flying Falcon but, within the blink of an eyelid and four holes, Scobes was 4-down and the game was up.

Shot of the day goes to the Pirate. At the signature Lake 5th par 3, Dave hit a low fizzer that hit the water three quarters of the way and “Dam Bustered” its way safely onto dry land (just).

And, despite a few near misses, the $150 Putt Off Jackpot remained intact.


1st: Robin Dalby (+6)

2nd: Lui Dinardo (66)

3rd: Nigel Smith (0)

NAGA: Pete Tallon (-11)

Nearest to Pins:

Island 2nd: Basil Musca

Island 4th: Leigh Harris

Lakes 3rd: No takers

Lakes 5th: Basil Musca

Lakes 8th: Craig Markham

Nearest in 2: Nigel Smith

Nearest in 3: Craig Markham

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Dave Ovel

B Grade: Trevor Bindon

Match Play:

Robin Dalby def. Leigh Harris 6 and 5

Basil Musca def. Dennis Scoble 4 and 3

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