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Nedlands - the Iron fist in a velvet glove

Nedlands - Stableford

This week the club headed over to Nedlands. All things are beautiful in Nedlands, the course, the houses, the people, the view, and even the local duck population are better dressed (as per the below image).

Despite the presentation, the course is renowned for having very quick unreadable greens with a hint of over hanging trees that seem to reach out, grab balls and throw them into the bush. The early predication was that anyone with a score of 30 would be a chance to win, hence Craig and Leigh pulled out of the respective Matchplays (and lucky they did).

For Dave and few others, it was their first look at the place. And even for those that know it well uttered comments like “Oh I didn’t see that happening “or “Have a look at it run“ as a ball would roll over the back. Craig and Jamie did a few tests along the way by just placing a ball on the ground on the down slope and letting it go and watching it roll 3 to 4 metres...on a wet green. (Craig had the time after 8 wipes).

The best of the day was Lui, well known for not really getting into any deep trouble and being sneaky long. He methodically went around the course doing the simple things and getting the points. You can’t force these courses, sometimes you have to let the course come to you! Laurie and Jamie Fitzpatrick were doing a similar thing with solid scores to take out the other placings.

In a strange occurrence either Lawrie, Craig or Hammo have been on the podium every week this year. Now Lawrie is off overseas for 9 weeks so we wish him all the best on the trip. We also welcomed visitor Shaun Greenfield.

In other news, Robin may or may not have hit one a bit thin on the 5th into the door of a passing car; luckily it was a cheap one for Nedlands and only worth about 75K. He also walked out on the road from behind some trees on along the 6th looking for a ball (not his) to which Peter Fitzpatrick said “ Gee Robin be careful you don ’t get hit by a car “ .. To which Craig replied “Although ... If you were to be hit by car, this is the place to do it as it is most likely being driven by a doctor “.

Mini Reports

A great game was had by all – though few if any of us mastered the greens. In many cases it was a case of “chip on” oh “chip on” again- putt -oh putt again oh! 😊

Gary and David enjoyed the pain of giving $2 for losing the split sixes

(Lawrie Gibson


1st: Lui Dinardo (36)

2nd: Lawrie Gibson (32)

3rd: Jamie Fitzpatrick (32)

NAGA: Trev Bindon (12)

Nearest to Pins:

3rd: No takers

7th: Pete Tallon

12th: Robin Dalby

17th: Dave Thomas

Nearest in 2: Doug Stewart

Nearest in 3: Marc Ellis

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Basil Musca

B Grade: Rob Mathias

Longest Putt: Trev Bindon

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