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  • Craig Markham

Scott turns it around

Collier - Stroke

This week was real golf which also meant Monthly Medal and Golden Putter.

In addition to that, 4 people decided to play Match Play, Jamie v Norm and the Pirate v Nigel.

It was a big ask for Jamie to come back for his first round of the year and straight up against Norm, however after a great close battle it was a brilliant long 3rd shot on the par 5 last by Jamie that sealed the win with a birdie to win one up.

Nigel and Dave had a great battle for match play – both turned 20 and 21 pts all even. But Nigel put on a display on the back nine shooting 24 points to win 3 and 2. These great rounds put them both amongst the winners with Nigel in particular hitting a score that would win nearly every other week. In fact Nigel had the highest stableford score of the day, but stroke is a harsh mistress.

However, the recent bad run of Scott ended when he had a solid front nine before blitzing the back nine with a series of pars that started from great long drives. Stableford wise he amassed 25 points on the back nine to finish with a net 65 to register his first win as a member.


1st: Scott Robins (65)

2nd: Nigel Smith (66)

3rd: Jamie Pickles (69)

NAGA: Stafford Mellowship (85)

Nearest to Pins:

Island 2nd: Craig Markham

Island 4th: Norm Mews

Lakes 3rd: Norm Mews

Lakes 5th: Pete Talon

Lakes 8th: Gary Hammond

Nearest in 2: No takers

Nearest in 3: Jamie Pickles

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Gary Hammond

B Grade: Dave Thomas

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