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Dave, Oh what a round

Collier - Par

This week was back at a Collier to play Laurie’s favourite game…..Par with a Craig and Mike match play on the side. It was great to see the Dennis Scoble make it back for a game straight after being announced as the club newest Life Member. However, by self admission that unfortunately doesn’t come with a new game plan!, And good to see Steve Heron back for a game.

After a great 50th anniversary dinner there were a few stories bouncing around the groups early none of which seems to affect Dave as he chipped in on the first hole of the Pines for his first birdie of the day. It was good to see his player partner Ryan Brown back for another game and submit his second card.

While the group was topped off with Craig and Mike doing the Match play thing which as hard task for both seeing as it was Mikes second game back after a few weeks in the North Sea and Craig having to give away 11 shots. It was close early as Craig was one over after 6 holes however that only equated to two up.

That meant it was time for Craig’s multiple personality disorder to kick in whereby he is possessed by someone who has never played golf before and on relatively easy holes that he didn’t have to give away a shot he went for 4 double bogeys in a row. Unfortunately Mike couldn’t capitalise and only got it back down to one up. By that time Craig had eaten a pack of ginger nuts, some chocolate and said "Demons be gone" and he snapped back into his usual self with a string of pars and two birdies to take the win 3 and 2.

Now back to Dave, while the swearing was going on Dave was rattling up another great score as he landed on all but one par 5's in two for tap in birdies. In total he had 5 for the day with another chance stopping with 1/3 of the ball hanging over the hole, barely making any mistakes he finished with 77 (his best score off the stick) for plus 4. It was a great game to watch with some of the purest ball striking and chipping you will see. Mike Ellis was doing the same in the group in front stringing together a number of pars and playing methodically around the course also getting plus 4. Jamie put in a strong round again unfortunately just missing out on 3rd in a count back.

In other news

Thanks to Doug, Basil, Pete and Dave with assistance from the rest of the committee for putting together the 50th Anniversary dinner. It was great to see some of the members gone by such as ‘lifers’ Graham Little and Max Vallis and some current ones that have been MIA for the past couple of years. The food was good, the speeches were good and the photos on screen bought back fond memories which dove tailed into some pretty funny stories. There will be a separate write up in the coming weeks about the dinner and the associated photos to match.


1st: Dave Ovel (+4)

2nd: Marc Ellis (+4)

3rd: Craig Markham (+1)

NAGA: Mike Newman (-8)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Craig Markham

Pines 7th: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Lakes 3rd: Ian Havenstien

Lakes 5th: Craig Markham

Lakes 8th: Steve Heron

Nearest in 2: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 3: Dave Ovel

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Dave Ovel

B Grade: Doug Stewar

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