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That Craig showed up AGAIN...

Anzac Cup - Mosman Park - Stableford

This week was the second major of the year, the Anzac Cup.

It differs from the other mid season majors as we a take time before the game to reflect the sacrifice the service men and women have made for the country over the years and how difficult and wasteful the conflict style was in WW I.

As new generations come through, we lose that direct connection and first hand accounts to those who served in WW I & II and Vietnam. Soon its only going to read about in books, which why its important to take the time to reflect and pass on those experiences. Thanks to Norm and Pete who sponsored the event and presenting the winner with a book on the history of the Anzacs.

And thanks also to Basil for arranging the playing of the 'Last Post' and organising food.

And additional thanks to Leigh Harris for picking up the trophy from Mike Patton so it could be presented to the winner on the day.

Mosman Park is a challenging course, physically due to the hills and length and mentally due to the tightness and the constant reassessing of the greens. Although it is only rated a par 70.5 with a meagre slope rating of 119, the winning score has historically been 36 or under. Typically, only one person masters/manages the course each year with clear daylight between them and the rest of the field around 30 points or lower.

All the past winners have been from the sub 12 handicap range possibly due to the course favouring long high tee and approach shots when going up "the hill" or maybe the slope of the fairways being more receptive to steeper landing angles. (Mike Patton's theory anyway) This year was to be no exception. Discussions at the start of the game predicted a score of 33 winning it and it wasn’t far off.

So if that wasn’t enough, two people decided to play their match play, Rob Mathias and Lawrie Gibson with Rob coming out the victor 4/3.

After a good week last week and again being pushed by some great shots by Norm, Craig kept the form going and was able to stay constant and then pull out some great shots to get out of trouble. Whether it be sinking a long putt or slicing bender around a corner from 170 up on to the green. In the end his score of 37 won it which consisted of 2 wipes, 3 birdies, 28 putts (two 3 putts) and a total of 9 over.

With some great long drives and few 4 for 4's Nigel was able to hold on to second spot from a few people on 29 with Hammo being the best of the bunch on a count back.

Dean Properjohn and Paul Emberson made an appearance which was great to see after kid and football commitments have taken priority over the past few years.

Also good to see Mike Newman out for his first game of the year.


1st: Craig Markham (37)

2nd: Nigel Smith (31)

3rd: Gary Hammond (29)

NAGA: Scott Robins (15)

Nearest to Pins:

3rd: Craig Markham

7th: Jamie Fitzpatrick

12th: Craig Markham

16th: Gary Hammond

Nearest in 2: Mike Newman

Nearest in 3: Norm Mews

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Leigh Harris

B Grade: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Match Play

Rob Mathias defeated Lawrie Gibson 4 and 3

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