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Which Craig showed up this week?

Collier - Stableford

Easter Sunday saw a reduced field return to Collier for a game of Stableford with a Match play on the side between Lawrie Gibson and Pete Talon. After a quick discussion that solved all the problems with the Dockers and Eagles, the game was underway. And I must say a little slow as it took nearly an hour to complete the first 3 holes.

All the stories though came from the last group of Dave, Norm, Jamie and Craig. The first of these stories was that aside from Lawrie they took out all the pins on any greens they hit. That group were pretty steady with nothing much happening aside from Norms birdie on the Lakes 1st and all getting a double bogey in the first 3 holes, Craig with two in a row. Dave and Craig had a conversation about how the day was looking a bit bleak and that the last time they played this 9, Dave had 39 and Craig had 36 off the stick and how they would love that again. Then it started on the long par four 4th with the flag on the top tier, Craig went par, birdie, birdie, par for 14 points in 4 holes with Dave and Norm getting pars. The group kept pushing each other with healthy competitive banter. In particular Craig and Norm driving long and within a couple of meters of each other on most holes and Dave around the greens with some great chipping and putting touch. Norm followed with a birdie on 8 and Craig again on 9, Dave clipped a hurdle on the 9th with a double to finish on 38 (20pts) and Craig on 36 (22pts).

The back nine continued in the same vein with tap in pars on the Pines 2nd with a ‘back to earth’ 3 putt brain fades for doubles by all (aside from Dave) on the 3rd. Then back to pars on the 4th, then Dave with a birdie on the long par five 5th, Jamie with a birdie on the 6th with numerous other pars along the way. All up the group had 8 birdies and, for the sake of interest only, went 4 under on a best ball basis. Craig finished with 77 off the stick(40 points) with Dave just behind with 81 and 38 points.

In Matchplay news, Lawrie and Pete had a hard fought game; Lawrie maintained a two up advantage for most of the game which was actually draining having to give away 9 shots. He held out though for a 3/2 win.


1st: Craig Markham (40)

2nd: Lawrie Gibson (39)

3rd: Gary Hammond (39)

NAGA: Scott Robins (21)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Craig Markham

Pines 7th: No takers

Lakes 3rd: No takers

Lakes 5th: Craig Markham

Lakes 8th: Norm Mews

Nearest in 2: Norm Mews

Nearest in 3: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Norm Mews

B Grade: Lawrie Gibson

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