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  • Craig Markham

Surviving a brush with the Rockingham mob

Rockingham - Stableford

This week’s game was at Rockingham, which is a testing course, long, tight in spots and unforgiving off the fairways.

The majority of players were between 10 and 13 points at the half way mark with what I could guess was just plain bad luck all of the time. Ball resting behind trees or on top of Balga bushes (that’s a black boy tree for anyone born before 1980), putts lipping out and a few shots hitting the lip of bunkers.

The intimidating icy stares from the local mob probably didn't help either.

The winners would be decided by who could make the best adjustments, and today that was Ian with a very impressive overall score. Lawrie flicked the switched with an amazing 24 points on the back nine after being one of the many on 10 at the turn.

Hammo was hitting some good shots but just couldn’t get the scoring going for more than a few holes as the odd one pointer kept pulling him back. Unfortunately after hitting a few great shots early in the piece Macca had to pull out with a pinched nerve and back spasms.

Meanwhile playing partners Leigh and Craig tried to out crap each other for NAGA. Both occasionally hit great shots but too many wipes ruined any chance of a good score. Craig’s par par finish left Leigh and Lui to dual at the bottom with Leigh getting the NAGA win


1st: Ian Havenstein (40)

2nd: Lawrie Gibson (34)

3rd: Gary Hammond (33)

NAGA: Leigh Harris (22)

Nearest to Pins:

3rd: Ian Havenstein

8th: Craig Markham

12th: Craig Markham

15th: Lawrie Gibson

Nearest in 2: Ian Havenstein

Nearest in 3: Lawrie Gibson

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Craig Markham

B Grade: Nigel Smith

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