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  • Craig Markham

The Hammo Par(ty)

Collier - Par

Hammo was tuned in this week. Thumping drives (some well over 230m) and crunching irons set him up well, but woe betides the few fluffed shots (ear plugs came in handy). For distance putts he was his normal assured self, but the heebie jeebies on those short putts were apparent. But it was good enough to claim his first season win.

Nigel was out to entertain the crowd on his way to a podium finish courtesy of two putts that did 360’s before reversing direction into the hole. And another one that pulled up just short, waited for Nigel to walk up to the hole, then rolled in. Not to mention his “professional” sand shot on Lake 2nd hole, the ball carrying 20m out of the right front bunker to within an ace of potting it; and his great approach shots.

Norm has been Mr Reliable as he has been riding a purple patch lately off the tee and this week he added great approaches which was reflected in his score

Great to see Macca back and he was threatening despite recent lack of golf. But then a back twinge had him “playing through the pain” made life difficult, but didn’t shorten the impressive length of his shots. Jamie also showed some impressive length off the tee but sadly lacked direction; and some unimpressive length off the tee (two ladies violations). He had one of those days. There were a few worried people around the half way mark, including Craig, that were sitting on -5. However a string of pars and two birdies took him out of the NAGA race. Unfortunately for Robin he was unable to recover and slipped into the final position.

In other news, the question was raised about the count back system as we played Lakes - Pine however the card said Pines - Lake. Usually, a count back is determined by the back nine score regardless of whether it is played first or second. In this case the winners would differ when considering the order of the nines.

In this weeks case, Pine - Lake on the card was purely the name of the card written by the clubhouse to determine the combination, they had run out of the Lake – Pine combination.

In such situations the name of the nines on card is not considered for the count back calculation. The count back calculation is determined by the order the club has made the booking, in this weeks case Lakes – Pine. It was a very valid question that required clarification and only occurs at Collier Park due to the three nines available.


1st: Gary Hammond (+2)

2nd: Norm Mews (+2)

3rd: Nigel Smith (+2)

NAGA: Robin Dalby (-8)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Gary Hammond

Pines 7th: Norm Mews

Lakes 3rd: Gary Hammond

Lakes 5th: Trevor Bindon

Lakes 8th: Dave Thomas

Nearest in 2: Leigh Harris

Nearest in 3: Leigh Harris

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Andre (the giant) McCarthy

B Grade: Scott Robins

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