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The Summer Cup (aka Seaview sans sculpture doofi)

Seaview - Summer Cup - Stableford

This week was the first major of the year, the Summer Cup (yes its autumn) played at the Seaview Golf Club, Cottesloe. The conditions were perfect as this year the Sculptures by the Sea had passed which limited the amount of the public doofi walking across the course. There were few feel good stories around the groups as good scores are often hard to come by on this specific course.

Craig set the tone early after taking an iron on the dangerous and tight first hole only to have his manhood questioned resulting in an immediate change to driver where he proceeded to smash it down the middle . Leigh had a great drive on to the 5th green setting up a tap in birdie;

Trevor sunk a 15 meter putt on the same hole from just off the green and was unable to claim the longest putt.

Leigh put together a great round as the driver was working well and didn’t get in much trouble around the greens.

Phil came out strong with 19 point on the first nine then faded away.

Hammo put together a few pars mid round to make the turn with 18 points and repeated it to finish with another 18, playing partner Craig did something similar. However, both had some bad luck on the last with an unlucky bounce and placements behind trees with Hammo wiping and Craig a double bogey which stopped their late charges dead in their tracks.

Thanks to Lawrie for sponsoring the event and to Pete for arranging the lunch.

Now forget all that ……

The real story of the day belongs to Dave Thomas. Dave was having a bit of shocker with a few wipes and the odd bogey and only 8 points up to the par 3 8th hole. The hole was playing about 160 m into a breeze and there was much changing of clubs between playing partners. Dave chose 5 iron. He hit the ball as clean as you can ever hit it, starts out perfectly just left of the flag line lands, has a couple of bounces and starts to track nicely with the natural contours of the green. when it disappeared amongst the shadows, Hammo states “I reckon that’s gone in you know “…. We walk passed the previous group and Pete says great shot, it’s just short of the hole. Craig walked up and looks around, no ball, looks in the hole and there it is, so he gives Dave the thumbs up. Dave was beside himself with joy with Hammo not far off either ( who cares about the members that were put off by the cheering while they were trying to putt on the green next door ).

Craig then had a thought …..Dave didn’t get the feeling of adulation of walking up and seeing his ball in the hole and realising what he had done, so he says … “ Only joking mate, its over the back in the first, cut you better bring your wedge"

Dave, and Hammo seemingly more so, “You’re joking aren’t you?" And down went the shoulders … “Nope it’s over the back“ was the reply. Apologies went out to the members on the hole next door. “Sorry guys thought it when in “…..

But as Dave walked past the hole there was his ball …. “You beauty!!!…… Craig you bastard!!!“ followed by a massive sigh of relief and out came the cheers again just in time to throw the next member of the neighbouring group of his putt as well. Craig got the emotional response he wanted from Dave and everyone was happy. Great shots come and go and are often forgotten but this one won't be to those that saw it. There was nothing jaggy about it, it was just a great shot, the perfect line, shape and track rolling in nice and slow. Well done, and couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke, 1 for 5 and a box of balls for an eagle.

And in other news, (congratulations for making it this far), Ian Havenstein made the putt for the putting contest taking home $250. In a much relaxed fashion I might say as well, as he was having a four way conversation at the time and answered his own question of “So whose go is it…I’ll go then“ and in it went!


1st: Leigh Harris (38)

2nd: Gary Hammond (36)

3rd: Craig Markham (35)

NAGA: Scott Robins (25)

Nearest to Pins:

4th: Rob Mathias

8th: Dave Thomas (on a technicality)

13th: Gary Hammond

17th: Leigh Harris

Nearest in 2: Gary Hammond

Nearest in 3: Norm Mews

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Dave Ovel

B Grade: Dave Thomas

Longest Putt: Rob Mathias

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