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Gibson hot at Kwinana

Kwinana - Stableford

This week was played down in Kwinana which is one of the more favoured courses on the calendar but also one of the most challenging.

Every time we walk away thinking, "What just happened?" Craig M described it once as having to slow dance with your sister, it’s just awkward!!!!

The course didn’t disappoint as far as presentation goes and slick greens, the good part is though that the club saved a bit of money as not many people hit the greens as per the below list.

Lawrie was the best of the bunch continuing on from last year as mister consistent as he did what had to be done to get a good score and the only person at the end of the day on handicap (taking into account the DSR).

Peter was only just behind with another great round whilst Rob would have had the feeling of being totally out of it only to find himself 3rd. With the rest of the club somewhere in the mid to high twenties, aside from Norm on 20, however it’s a very hard course of a 9 or 10 that’s for sure.

In other news for the first time in memory, about 12 years, a round was played without both Hammo and Craig


1st: Lawrie Gibson (35)

2nd: Peter Fitzpatrick (34)

3rd: Rob Mathias (31)

NAGA: Norm Mews (20)

Nearest to Pins:

3rd: No takers

6th: No takers

14th: Mather (Visitor)

16th: No takers

Nearest in 2: Leigh Harris

Nearest in 3: No takers

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Norm Mews

B Grade: Jamie Fitzpatrick

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