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  • Robin Dalby

Hudson returns with a Win!

A baker’s dozen on the books but 12 faced the starter’s gun on a fine morning just perfect for golf. There didn’t appear to be any sore heads after the Eagles celebrations though a couple of Eagles tragics were highly visible. Glen Iris is a course well liked by most players with many sand hazards and some water obstacles to negotiate requiring good course management. It took its toll on most players today, the average Stableford points score being 29.25.

He’s had limited golfing opportunities this year what with work, travel and other distractions. Despite little game time, Phil Hudson – with a modest start of 5 points and a wipe after 4 holes – settled into some powerful and clean hitting play topped off with measured and confident putts. He might’ve even surprised himself but certainly impressed his playing partners in a terrific display that saw him cover the remaining 14 holes just 7 shots over par to streak the field with 41 points. Dave Ovel was also giving it a good shake, his mostly solid drives and clean fairway irons a delight to watch. Was a little unlucky with the short stick, a few putts just sliding agonizingly past the hole, but still played to handicap in a very consistent performance. That Eagles tragic Basil was playing the Grand Final script to a tee (so to speak). Careered out of the blocks with a solid 1st quarter, posting 3 pars, a bogie and 11 points. Then the collywobbles set in, only managing 16 points to half time (with three wipes!). A lemon juice and massage and the third quarter produced 9 solid points before another collywobble (2 wipes) to be run down at the siren but still honourable enough to claim third place.

Hammo and Trev Bindon were the only other starters to score in the 30s, Hammo having the green-side bunker yips but showed why he’s a multiple Golden Putter winner, while Trev’s long driving talents almost help earn him another podium place. Scobes executed the Great-Escape-of-the-Day, his drive just short of water at the 7th, his next into the water, his 4th just short of the green and his 5th in the hole!


1st: PHIL HUDSON (41)

2nd: DAVID OVEL (36)

3rd: BASIL MUSCA (33)


Nearest to Pins:


8th: N/A

12th: N/A


Nearest in 2: DAVID OVEL

Nearest in 3: DAVID OVEL

Longest Drives:



Longest Putt: PHIL HUDSON

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