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Ellis wins his First!

It was the Monthly medals and golden putter qualifiers. It was the 3rd week in a row for a stroke round which hasn’t happened too often over time. It was a slow start by most as everyone seemed to have a Club Championship hangover. The consensus was though that the greens had quickened up considerably after a few days of warmer weather and a few three putts and the odd 4 putt crept in. Craig did his usual stroke game blowing his handicap in the first 5 or 6 holes but staying in it as far as points goes. It was good to see Macca back and he wasn’t far off his usual game. Playing partners Marc and the Pirate quietly went about putting a great round together with some nice approaches. Rob Mizen was doing his own thing in the group behind as he played to his strengths used his putter when he needed, rumor has it off a tee on a par 3 …. But whatever he used it doesn’t matter as he finished with a Net 69. Basil had what was described as one of his all time best drives on the island 7th, around the 250 m range only to look up while on the green to see Craig’s ball come bouncing past it by 20m.

The Golden Putter contributions were not that flash either with Craig and Hammo the main contenders, Hammo turned with 16 and Craig with 18 after 3 x 3 putts however the second nine was better for Craig after another 3 putt it was mostly one putts after some good chipping to finish with 31 for the day . Just as the announcements were being made there was a little scare as Marcs card went walk about, he had a 67 whilst the winner was announced on 69. After a brief discussion and Rob being the consummate sportsman he would not accept the first prize based on a technicality and asked for Marc to be awarded the 1st place. It is a lesson for all of us to do the back end of the business as well as play the game , history will tell us that a few past players had DQ’d themselves for less


1st: MARC ELLIS (67)

2nd: ROB MIZEN (69)

3rd: DAVE THOMAS (69)


Nearest to Pins:



Lakes 3rd: DAVE THOMAS

Lakes 5th: BASIL MUSCA

Lakes 8th: DAVE THOMAS

Nearest in 2: GARY HAMMOND

Nearest in 3: CRAIG MARKHAM

Longest Drives:



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