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Lawrie extends his OOM lead!

This week the Players went to one of the premier courses on the calendar, Secret Harbour. It was little different with everyone taking carts and the start time was pushed out to 8.30am. The weather was perfect which assisted players in what was going to be a difficult day for most. And not to sound like a broken record, Laurie always played with someone on the podium, it happened again, and again he was the winner in a count back from Rob Mizen and Jamie Fitzpatrick.

As with any golf game the key was to stay on the fairway which they all did and manage the course, don’t force it. All played to their handicaps and finished on 36. The common feel around the course was the quickness of the greens; most had trouble with the reading to start with, but be assured down hill was down hill. Not far off ‘green like’ were the fairways that were cut nice and short before spring hits , some found it substandard , however it was just a visual difference and had affect on ball striking but gave plenty of run . Craig M pointed that out by hitting a drive on the Par 5 11th that measured 330 meters, he then highlighted the rest of his game on the same 540 meter hole by going driver, 5 iron and losing the ball over the back for a wipe, winning the LD A shortly after with 300m drive that was topped off the tee bouncing a few meters in front of the box.

Hammo played in two parts, 8 point on the front with 20 on the back. Full credit to Laurie though who is putting together one of the great seasons we have seen in a long while and we he can continue building. At the other end poor Robin had a bit of trouble and came in NAGA again for about the 7th time , its more of a lack of regular play and always playing the away courses that have caused his issues because you cant fault his golf swing or his attitude .

Other news

The club welcomed two visitors, Mitch Fitzpatrick and Darrell Maroney, both whim showed the club how to hit with close NTP’s.

Mike Patton was looking forward all year to the round at Secret Harbour. But his plans were scuttled by a white dimpled spherical missile while playing the Sunday before at Lake Karrinyup. The back nine was closed for renovations so the second nine was played on the short course . . . with balls landing everywhere!!

As Mike described it . . . “The group that launched that spherical missile apparently shouted fore, but no one in our group heard it. It caught me on the full on the back of the head with the sound of coconut being dropped on a tile floor being heard two fairways away. Fair bit of blood and a decent but smaller than expected lump, so off to emergency. Diagnosis –nothing broken, mild concussion. Treatment – super glue and tape to close the wound and take it easy for a while. On Friday afternoon, I went to the range to hit some putts, but I was still getting nausea and dizziness, so no Secret Harbour for me. I guess there's always next year.”


1st: LAWRIE GIBSON (36) on countback from....


3rd: ROB MIZEN(36)


Nearest to Pins:





Nearest in 2: N/A

Nearest in 3: CRAIG MARKHAM

Longest Drives:



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