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  • Robin Dalby

Dinardo wins in Mandurah!

The drive down to a popular course on the golfing calendar in the early hours after a good night’s sleep was relaxing and rain free. The drive up to the course from the Mandurah “shack” was a distant memory (“Sleep? What’s that?”; “What day is this?”). One such was Hungover Hammo but it didn’t hamper his usually efficient Captain’s effort organising and dispatching 19 players split between the 1st and 10th tees. Today’s group included Pete Tallon’s 3 guests – Liz, Ray and Terry. Conditions were great for golf though the soft greens often played slow.

He finally broke through for his first podium appearance and it was a great effort on such a challenging course. Lui, of the “don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it” swing, was on target today rarely straying off course with some fine attacking golf. Unfortunate to miss 3 or 4 putts from less than a metre and to lose a large part of a tooth in the process! But it didn’t stop that winning smile. Craig Markham’s partners were treated to one of the finest driving displays seen since the days of Ted Erdman and Steve Calder. Powerful blows over 200m that hugged the middle of the fairways or tracked through dogleg holes. Was a tad wayward with approach shots on some holes and rued uncharacteristic 3-putts on the 9th and 10th and one wiped hole from his only wayward drive but still par’d half the course and piled up 35 points for his 7th podium appearance and more Master’s jacket points! The Flying Falcon had a mixed bag today, his complete commitment to each shot producing a curious combination of cracking good drives and irons with some cracking good wayward flings. Tidied up well on the greens for a respectable morning’s work and a third placing.

With stormy weather prior to the weekend, a fair amount of storm debris littered the adjacent “rough” and took a few “prisoners”. Mike Patton, the Long Drive winner today, hit a couple of other equally impressive long drives seemingly just off the fairway but the balls were never found. Peter Fitzpatrick lost 3 balls in similar circumstances. Jamie Pickles had a moderately successful round, topped off by his chip-in from off the green at the 18th while Pickled Jamie (Fitzpatrick) was hurling a few (of the technicolour variety) over the back nine some reportedly more impressive in their trajectory than his golf shots.

Finally, a BIG thank you to today’s sponsor Basil Musca who, as it turned out, was a recipient of his own generosity. And the burgers and chips were delightful thanks Dougie.

The Putt-Off Jackpot

The Putt off jackpot must still be going as there was no report - make sure you are in it this weekend to be in with a chance to win it ....remember half the money raised goes towards the end of year function.


1st: LUI DINARDO (37)


3rd: BASIL MUSCA (34)


Nearest to Pins:

Island 2nd: MIKE PATTON

Island 4th: LUI DINARDO


Lake 5th: MIKE NEWMAN (First Novelty this year)


Nearest in 2: CRAIG MARKHAM

Nearest in 3: N/A

Longest Drives:



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