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Anzac Trophy - Mosman Park

The ANZAC trophy is the newest of the clubs majors and always seems to bring out a greater determination or competitive edge amongst the group, possibly due to the military connections through the club over the years and the fact that most of us have had a relative that served in WW1 or 2. Going back not so long ago a few members can remember the joy of missing the Vietnam draft! Special thanks for Basil for arranging the ‘Last Post’ before the game and to Doug for arranging the food.

Mosman Park was again the venue and its difficulty both physically and mentally didn’t take long to show through. Visually the course doesn’t appear to anything special however over hanging trees in just the right spot, steep inclines and two paced greens that are difficult to read tripped up everyone with no one playing to their handicap and only one person breaking 30.

There was some back handed compliments though as the players in the first 3 groups made the turn on 9 or 10 points, dragging their feet only to suddenly realise they were in front ! Happy and sad at the same time, a bit like being told you are not looking as fat as you usually do! The last two groups however had a couple of 13's and 15’s in amongst them (and Pete on 5!).

Playing the nine the second time around made no difference as the same mistakes kept occurring with most people finishing in the low 20’s, including Pete. Mike Patton was clearly the best as he plotted the course, hit some nice long shots and sunk some great putts. Not only did this secure the win, it also won him his Matchplay against Basil 4/2.

Other news

Norm wasn’t too impressed when he hit a scorching 3 wood off the deck, low and hard only to have his playing partner come out from the bush in a cart, into the balls flight path causing it to plough into the windscreen, the windscreen broke along with Norm’s heart as the ball flew off sideways.

Putt Off

After a few weeks layoff the putting competition was bought back to life and for the third time Gary Hammond sunk the putt to the disbelief of Dave Ovel and Doug whose putts just missed. Out of $130 Hammo graciously putt $50 dollars back in the kitty for next week.


1st: MIKE PATTON (34)


3rd: GARY HAMMOND (26)

NAGA: MIKE NEWMAN (16) - Twice in a row

Nearest to Pins:

3rd: N/A




Nearest in 2: CRAIG MARKHAM

Nearest in 3: GARY HAMMOND

Longest Drives:



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