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Round 5 - Tallon Tee'd it high and Let it Fly!!

A warm, sultry morning to start proceedings for a healthy field of 19 players, including Jamie Fitzpatrick and Rob Mathias looking to submit cards for handicapping purposes. It was also the first official round for new members Marc Ellis and Ricky Du Toit. The fresh easterly wind was going to make it an interesting morning for golf.

Pete Tallon puts his great start down to his new pair of shoes. Apart from a quadruple at the 2nd, he slashed and burnt his way around Lake in just 6 shots over for the other 8 holes to turn +5 (or 26 Stableford points), brilliantly mopping up all 3 NTPs in the process. He continued his great form over the first 4 Island holes (now +7), including a club record 4th NTP in the one round, before that fatal moment . . . he started to count the scoring possibilities. The +7 shrunk to +3 but, in a low scoring round, it was ample to win the day (but not the possibilities!).

There were several players lining up behind Pete, all finishing square. Best of the bunch were Jamie Pickles and Hammo. Jamie had an amazing cold and hot round, wiping 4 holes and hitting par on 4 over Lake to turn -3. Apart from one wipe over Island, he sizzled over the remaining 8 finishing even with the card for a very impressive +3 (and no hammie twinge!).

Hammo’s card looked as though it had been shot full of bullet holes. In a consistent, honest, hard working round, the Captain squared 12 holes but, understandably, was somewhat frustrated at the 5 or so putts that just missed “by that much” in a fine overall putting display.

Other round notables included:

· John Mathias – 2 chip-ins; a near miss 5 point hole; and a creditable 92 off-the-stick for 50 Stableford points (Pete – eat your heart out!);

· Marc Ellis’s “all but” hole-in-one at Island 4th, his fine tee shot finishing just 6 inches behind the hole;

· Jamie Fitzpatrick – who moved the NTP marker out of the line of his putt . . . and then hit the marker with his putt!

The NAGA was a close contest, decided by a count forward with Lui taking the dubious honour from Dalbs – both on -11!

The smiling face of Jeffery Wai greeted us after the round. Great to see him back in Perth for a short spell. Jeffery had 13 seasons with the club, won 4 Majors and proudly wears the blue jacket.


1st: PETE TALLON (+3)

2nd: JAMIE PICKLES (0) on count back from...



Nearest to Pins:




Island 2nd: PETE TALLON

Island 4th: MARC ELLIS

Nearest in 2: NO TAKERS

Nearest in 3: NORM MEWS

Longest Drives:



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