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Super Duper Hooper takes the win at Araluen

Araluen produced a stunning if slightly brisk morning for the 24 members who made the journey up the hill. Trevor made an early birdie (well, his car did anyway) but more concerning was a glitch in the MiScore app that left players scrambling for score cards. A tweak of the groups and the boys in blue took to their carts and departed. On returning to the clubhouse some more paper-shuffling was required, but eventually something resembling order was established, and the goodies were handed out.

Before the presentations Heiney presented the new bell to the club – the Max Vallis bell. As many folks would be aware, the old one (originally donated by Max) disappeared after 20 years of faithful service, and Heiney has donated a new one. The honour of the first ring of the bell fell to the Life Member in attendance, the one and only Gary Hammond. Here’s hoping we can get 20+ years of faithful service out of this one (the bell that is – not sure how many years are left in Hammo!).

Pick of the bunch on the day was Steve Hooper with 36 points. Stringing several pars together despite the wisecracks from the comedians in Group 6 (with a few witty retorts of his own thrown in) Hoops nearly bottled it on the last but held on for the win. He finished two points clear of the 2022 serial podium pest Paul Heine on 34 points with Stafford Mellowship (32 points) completing the trio on the podium.

Speaking of Group 6 the day’s only matchplay was fought out by these guys – or more precisely fumbled out. Both Comedian Cragg and Joker Josh did their best to let their opponent win, with the former falling over the line 5&4. Josh’s first round for a couple of months certainly wasn’t a memorable one, as his 14 points ensured NAGA status for the day.

The scribe’s day could be summed up pretty succinctly – lost two balls, found twenty and stuck his tee shot on the 4th to within two metres of the money hole to walk off with the cash. Scoring just one point over the last four holes didn’t help his cause, nor did par-wipe golf on the front nine. Hard to be consistent when you’re working FIFO, and Sunday at Araluen proved it.

A reminder to all members to ensure that all pins and markers are collected by the last group in each round. As a club we’ve lost more pins and markers to date in 2022 than for the whole preceding five years. Those in the last group are responsible for collecting all these items and as a club we need to do better. The same applies for nominating for a round and then withdrawing at the last minute. The club understands that sometimes this is unavoidable (family emergencies, COVID, etc.) however look out for communication from the committee on this in the near future.

1st Steve HOOPER 36

2nd Paul Heine 34

3rd Stafford MELLOWSHIP 32


7th – Andrew Chilcott

12th – No takers

16th – Mike Cragg

Nearest 2nd – ?

Nearest 3rd – Scott Robins

Long Drive A – Gary Hammond

Long Drive B – Scot Robins

Money hole (4th) – Mike Newman

Matchplay – Mike Cragg defeated Josh Woodward 5&4

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