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Round 7 - Wanneroo Golf Course - Stableford

The club found its way to Wanneroo Golf Club this week. Always a pleasure to play this fine course with plenty of challenges for the members.

Scoring wasn't easy with only 6 members scoring 30 or better points. David Ovel had a steady round with 20 points on the front nine but a few shaking holes near the end of the back nine saw him close with a 32 for third place. The Mayor of Wanneroo Golf Club Stafford Mellowship played well until the 15th & 16th which saw a great start to the back nine halted to just fall short of the chocolates ending with a 35 point round and take out second. Josh (I have muscles you don't) Woodward had a 20 point front nine but an up and down back nine saw him just crawl over the line with 36 points to take out a great win.

1st - Josh Woodward - 36 points

2nd - Stafford Mellowship - 35

3rd - David Ovel - 32

NAGA - Peter Plater


4th - Luke Delahunty

8th - Josh Woodward

11th - Nigel Smith

15th - Peter Fitz

In 2 - Luke Delahunty

In 3 - David Ovel

Long Drive A - Lawrie Tufell

Long Drive B - Stafford Mellowship

Long Putt - Josh Woodward

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