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Round 4 - Island Pines - PAR - POPS day out

Perfect conditions for Golf was presented to the members for the all time favorite round of PAR. The members found it hard to score with only 3 members finding there way into positive figures. The Players Club Grandad - POPS Hammo having a sensational round ending up 4 points clear of 2nd place Matty. Pirate closing out the winners showing signs of his great SWO form. The NAGA was the tightest contest with Lawrie Gibson and Heiney fighting it out but Heiney won through with an absolute shocker of -8.


1st: Hammo (+6)

2nd: Matty Scoble (+2)

3rd: Dave Thomas (+1)

NAGA: Heiney (-8)


Pines 3rd: Basil Musca

Pines 7th: No Takers

Island 2nd: No Takers

Island 4th: David Ovel

Long Drive A: David Ogg

Long Drive B: Peter Plater

Nearest in 2: Hammo

Nearest in 3: Joni Scafidi

Longest Putt: Pete Fitzpatrick

Money Hole: No Takers

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