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Round 37 - Medal of Medals - Golden Putter - Stroke

Pete Tallon from Naga with a -13 last week to win the medal of medal the next week the biggest come back ever. Pete won the M of M with a 2 stroke lead over Peter Musca who is having a amazing golfing year.

But the day was owned by Lawrence Tufall. With a 75 - -9 off the stick not only gave him the win but being a South African a hat trick for the 24 hour period. With Rugby & Cricket then an amazing round of golf he is flying high on success on this weekend. Making him the latest member of the Players Club to reach single figure Handicap for the first time with a 9.5. The author of the website and sponsor of the best gross it is in deed very satisfying to see another Players Club member reach single figures and justifies the sponsorship of the Best gross on the Stroke rounds. Congratulations to Lawrence.

Pete Tallon came in second with a -8 and Pete Musca 3rd with a -6.

Scoring was amazing today with these players playing to their handicap or better.

Pete Platter - -5

Brenton Newhamn - -4

Matt Gibson - -3

Geoffrey Kujawski - -3

Mr President - -2

Basil Musca - -1

Ex President Ovel - Even

Great work guys.

NAGA - Ryan with +19






LDA - Gibbo

LDB - Tallon

N2- Platter

N3- Tufell

LP - Stafford.


Geddo vs Lui - Geddo 2 & 1

Lawro vs Ovel - 3& 2

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