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Round 31 - Hartfield Golf Course

The club ventured out to Hartfield Golf Course today which is a pretty narrow track but was in great condition for the members.

Lauro played an amazing round with some of the biggest Tee Shots seen by this reporter. Approaches were just as good. Claiming the win on a countback with 39 points. Second on the same score was a welcome back to some form for Nigel who put in a birdie on the last to just fall short. Third and having a pretty good year was Peter Musca with 38. Great scoring lads.

3 others played to their handicaps - Norm, Luke & Ian. (Welcome back from the warm weather weather and showing a nice suntan ).

TC took out the NAGA with a hard earnt 26.

The never ending Matchplay round between Ovel & Nottle once again ended in A/S. Going around again for the 3rd time.

Gibbo who all day long had a long Tee Shot show with Lauro grabbed another Eagle for the year.






N2- Oggy

N3- Luke

LDA- Geddo

LDB - Heiney - 100m behind Geddo

LP - Oggy

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