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Round 30 - Monthly Medal - Fathers Day - Annual Cricket Game

Was Fathers Day and the Annual Cricket game for the club. Well as far as the scores showed.

What a slog feast it was with 9 members getting century's. The best of the bunch was Peter Plater getting 114 gaining his 100 off just 15 overs (Holes) . Heiney unfortunately missing out by 1 getting a 99.

The Captain Ryan hitting a 84 with a closing second last over with a 7 could only manage a 4 on the last over to gain the Medal with a +1 round and the win.

Mike Newman after countless amazing cover drives hit a worthy 6 off the last over to fall short on a count back to the Captain to gain 2nd with also a +1.

Basil who had a great run feast on the first 9 overs with 48 could only manage a 42 on the last 9 overs after a great 7 on the 17 over fell 2 runs behind with a +3 to gain 3rd.

Gibbo scoring only Pars on 7 overs on the back 9 overs won the Best gross with a 82 thinking Matt needs to be dropped to the 2nd's. Just a thought.

1st - Ryan - +1

2nd- Mike - +1

3rd - Basil - +3

Naga - Pete Platter +21







N2- Ryan

N3- Ryan

LDA- Geddo

LDB- Platter


Best Gross - Gibbo- 82

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