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Round 3 - Kwinana - The Summer Cup

Sponsored by Basil Musca

Weekly write up from our on course reporter Basil & Photos from NAGA Pete.

Nice warm morning for 20 keen golfers to show there wares and try to win the first major for the year.

Kwinana is unrelenting and the interesting point is how certain players would pull up from last week South West Open.

One week is a long time in golf, just ask the SWO champion. His display of chunking, shanking and 3 putting was superb.

To quote Pirate “Golf is such a beautiful game it simply keeps you grounded and most humble”

Then we had take a drug test for Basil from overall second last at the SWO to second at the Summer Cup. Driving, chipping and radar putting. And only one bunker and he got out in 1.

The winner was Ryan with a display of control golf. Ripping drives and really impressive knock down irons. Very solid on the green and a worthy Major winner.

Matt Gibson kept his great form from SWO to today and played a strong round.

Lui won the money hole. And Champion NAGA was on full display with Peter Tallon , he is one of a kind inclusive of 6 Woman Tee violations "The drinks are on me". Clearly this must be a record.

Congratulations to Trevor on receiving the 10 year Players Golf Club recognition Certificate. Great work Trev.

1st - Ryan Nottle - 36

2nd - Basil Musca - 33

3rd - Matt Gibson - 33

NAGA - Pete Tallon - 15

Money Hole - Lui

NTP Hole 3 - Trevor

NTP Hole 4 - Peter

Nearest in 2 - Cragg

Nearest in 3 - Gibbo

Long Putt - Basil

Long Drive A - Davies (Hulk)

Long Drive B - Calder (Not so Hulk)

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