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Round 13 - Seaview Golf Course

Golf by the Ocean at the amasing Seaview Golf Course with the million dollar view.

The tight little track which makes you go around twice. Weather wasn't great but not to bad. With the Sculptures by the sea not on this weekend which is usually the case when the club play at Seaview the public of Cottesloe were a little safer this week.

Once again the Hulk had a good round to hit the third place again with a 31 point round. Second was the current club champ Mr Oggy with a creditable 32 points. But the winner by a huge margin of 6 points was our over the Indian Ocean member Lawro (At least your not a POM) our Captain of our pennants team Nelson Mandela (Lawrence Tuffnell) . Great win mate.

The photo for the dais only got 2 of the 3. But as the song goes. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

1st - Lawro - 38

2nd - Oggy - 32

3rd - Hulk - 31





Mike - Money Hole

N2- Josh (I miss beating Hooper)

N3 Oggy

LDA - Oggy

LDB - Pete P

LP - Graig

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