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Round 12 - Collier Park - PAR

Everyones favorite competition PAR (Not) was the challenge for the day. In great golfing conditions the field set out on a course with dew on the greens making putts hard to get to the hole. But even with heavy dew Matt (Dechambeau) Gibson scored a great Eagle on the first. Great start but unfortunitly the round went a bit south to drop off from the leading pack. Great work Bryson great Eagle

The Hulk (Jon Scafidi ) has been in some good form lately and came in 3rd with an even round. Lui our latest Masters Jacket Champion came in second with a good round of plus 1. But the day went to Trevor who has been playing some pretty fine golf all year. Great round of plus 3 took out the chocolates today.

The NAGA went to one of our club favorites good old Graggy with a very impressive minus 10. But was in the club house with a beer and a smile. Good on you mate taking it on the chin. (Chooker)


Ryan over Jon 6&5

Gary over Marc 5&4

Lui over Mitch 6&4

1st - Trevor +3

2nd - Lui - +1

3rd - Hulk Even





Marc E

N2 - Gibbo

N3 - Ben

LDA - Mitch

LDB - Pirate

LP - Norm

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