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Newman wins but gets bitten by WHS

Collier Park - Lakes-Island - Monthly medal

This week was another installment of the Golden Putter and Monthly Medal which meant real golf/stroke.

Big thanks to Norm and Pete for sorting out the groups after a minor start time issue whereby the clubhouse had us off at 7.10am  when everything else stated 7.30. As players arrived they were ushered straight away to the first tee Craig style, zero warmup.  It all went off without a hitch as there were no bookings after us anyway.    

There is always some good scores on a stroke today but today was one of the lowest with Mike Newman coming in for the win on 62. This is one of the lowest the club has seen in a while and could bring up the conversation of a prize at the end of the year like we had done in the past for the ‘Super Stroker’ (lowest stroke score of the year). Pete Fitz wasn’t far behind on 64 and you couldn’t blame him for preparing a speech as that alone would win any other day. Heiney was back on the podium with a solid 72.

I should give myself an honourable mention as there was not much I didn’t do on the Par 5's. In particular, a par, a birdie, and an 11 which was interesting as the 7th shot sailed OOB down the road to rest against a cross of some poor bugger that died in an accident ( 9th shot was from 200 out ) and to wrap up with an eagle on the last Par 5. Big thanks again to Pete who saved me again from NAGA.     

(MP: it wouldn't be a golf report without Craig talking about himself at least once)

Craig's "lucky" provisional drive on Island 3, although technically still in the hazard. That would have chomped up the bottom of the iron. OUCH!

Webmaster/handicapper notes

Congratulations to Mike Newman for being the first victim of the new "Exceptional Score" WHS rule. For recording a score 10 strokes below his GA handicap, 2 additional strokes have been subtracted from Mike's handicap, meaning his total reduction this week was 3.1 strokes. The 2 stroke reduction will apply to his next 20 rounds. Best not do that again too soon Mike. :)

And congratulations to Peter Fitzpatrick for missing out on a similar chop by the narrowest of margins. Pete's score was 6.9 below his GA handicap. Another 0.1 and he would have been given a 1 stroke exceptional score adjustment. Cutting it a bit fine there Pete. :p


1st: Mike Newman (62)

2nd: Peter Fitzpatrick (64)

3rd: Paul Heine (72)

NAGA: Pete Tallon (88)

Nearest to Pins:

Lake 3rd: Peter Fitzpatrick

Lake 5th: Lui Dinardo

Lake 8th: Marc Ellis

Island 2nd: Craig Markham

Island 4th: Jonny Scafidi

Nearest in 2: Jonny Scafidi

Nearest in 3: Stafford Mellowship

Longest Drives:

A Grade: No takers

B Grade: Basil Musca

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1 opmerking

30 jul. 2020

Congrats Mike! Cracking round. Handicap Almost back to where it used to be...No nearest to pins?

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