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Lawrie Gibson takes the biccies

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

An outstanding display of golf from Lawrie 20 points on the Dunes and 20 points on the Quarry, all played with a smile on his face, and why not indeed. (MP: but no smile in the photo, must not have been ready...)

Joondalup tested most of us, with its undulating swales and rugged beauty the course is so well designed using the natural cliffs and terrain. What's not to love, the 22 brave souls (21 members and 1 guest) that ventured forth onto greens, fairways, rough, huge bunkers and rock faces were treated to a true test of a quality golf course.

Thankfully Matt Gibson alerted the committee to cored greens on the Lakes 9 and the committee sprang into action to fix the problem. Not only requesting a different combination of courses but a reduction in price and a nice midpoint hour break to enjoy a breakfast and cappuccino, although some members did take advantage of the hospitality by having a shower (well done Heiney it was a good idea to do it, I loved mine)

At this point I would like to point out the scores of the top 3 players and how well they played on a very tough course.

1st Lawrie had a Birdie for 5 points, seven 3 point holes and six 2 point holes

2nd Dean (38 Points) Birdie for 5 points, four 4 point holes, four 3 point holes and Unfortunately 8 holes with 1 point or less (my top tip for the season put money on Dean to win a major or 2, he's got game!!!)

3rd TC with seven 3 pointers

This write up has been fun. But I struggled with the Headline. There were so many to choose from and it could have been oh so different…

Hoops holes out at Joondalup the fourball celebrated the “1 hop and the ball disappeared” alas it wasn't to be (check out the picture) :-(

Joondalup brings Tallon out of retirement and he swoops to victory, again alas it wasn't to be :-(

Scafidi eagles the Dune 9th :-)

(MP: Don't forget to put in your request for the dozen golf ball prize )

Peter Fitz ricochets the ball into Ian Havensteins cart Pete :-( and Ian :-(

Markham brings home NAGA :-(

Oggy chips in from the Sand but the nearest the pin marker was in the way :-(

Havenstein reluctantly pays for money hole and wins it :-)

Dean Hull goes back to back wins but choked on the last :-(

No Heiney put the driver away (check out the direction of the ball on the 2nd tee box)


1st: Lawrie Gibson (40)

2nd: Dean Hull (38)

3rd: Tony Calder (35)

NAGA: Craig Markham (20)


Dune 3rd: Craig Markham

Dune 7th: Norm Mews

Quarry 3rd: Ian Havenstein

Quarry 7th: John Morris

Long Drive A: Jonny Scafidi

Long Drive B: Paul Heine

Nearest in 2: No takers

Nearest in 3: Peter Fitzpatrick

Longest putt: John Morris

Link to full results in OneGolf

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