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Lakes Pines - Round 6 - Russian Stableford

A small but dedicated field , embraced the first novelty round for the year. The Lakes greens were slick and quick and found a few pairings out, but lots of fun was had by all.

Lui invited his future son in law, and for the first time we saw him warming up at the range, trying to impress the selectors. Off course he bombed badly just like the dockers ,trying to impress the future family member. John Scafidi and Peter Musca were partners for the day but also enemies as they decided to do there matchplay against each other today. A real head spinner, do you urge your partner on or not ??? Winners by one shot was the pairing of Peter put something on the table Platter and need another golf ball Stafford. Second and a magnificent back 9 was Marc luv the game and hate the game Geddes and lets have another drug test Basil.

1st - Stafford Meadowship & Peter Plater

2nd - Marc Geddes & Basil Musca

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