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Dave Ogg with another sub 80 round

This week was stroke, (real golf) and the latest round of the Golden Putter. Thanks to Heiney for the box of balls for the best gross stroke round of the day which went to Dave Ogg. Heiney himself was amongst the winners with a 3 and 1 Match Play win over Tony Calder. As usual with stroke there were a number of people that got caught out with some high scores on a few holes (Pete 19 shots between two x P5s) and some others had some unusual 3 putts and even 2 putts come to think of it. The winners had great rounds and good to Dave put another sub 80 round together while Basil and Pete are amongst the winners again and putting together a nice season.

It was good to see Mike and Ben back for a round although Mike would probably rather forget it after picking up NAGA, he was hard done by though as each hole appeared to be covered in glad wrap as the putts just would not drop, nor for our latest member Peter. Ben picked up the money hole with a good shot on the Pines 7th and was so close to a hole in one on the Island 4th.

More importantly than all of that put together is I managed to finish outside the bottom 3 for the first time in a long time, however to stay in touch with my creative side I missed a 2-footer on the last to be relegated from 2nd to 4th.

1st Dave OGG 69

2nd Basil Musca 70

3rd Pete Tallon 71

NAGA Mike Patton


Pines 3rd Basil Musca

Pines 7th Ben Taylor $$$

Island 2nd Mike Cragg

Island 4th Ben Taylor

N2 Craig Markham

N3 Johnny Scafidi

LDA Mike Cragg

LDB Pete Tallon

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