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Collier - Pines / Lakes - Monthly Medal - March 2023

Collier - Monthly Medal Rd 5 - Pines Lakes

Once again perfect conditions for Golf for the field of 22 members . It was Stroke and the second Monthly Medal for the year. A great win for Peter Musca and his first Monthly Medal well done Peter very special. A consistent round with a Birdie on each nine and 3 Pars in the last 5 holes to come home strong to take the title. A good performance by Trevor coming in second with a strong back nine. Coming in third Craig Markham. Yes that's right his back. 11 Pars, 1 Birdie and a total of 78 Strokes to also take out the Best Gross award. No wonder he is smiling in the above photo. Well done Craig bet that felt good.

Another 10 Year Player award presented this week. Congrats to Mike Newman one of the clubs nicest members and always a pleasure to play with. It just shows how good condition the club is in when you have members hanging around for long periods of time. 10 years Mike and hopefully another 10 to come.


1st: Peter Musca - 67

2nd: Trevor Bindon - 69

3rd: Craig Markham - 69

Best Gross - Craig Markham - 78

NAGA: Scott Robins - 90


Lake 3rd: Mike Newman

Lake 5th: Ryan Nottle

Lake 8th: Ryan Nottle

Pines 3rd: Jonathon Scafidi

Pines 7th: Stafford Mellowship

Long Drive A: David Ogg

Long Drive B: Peter Plater

Nearest in 2: Peter Musca

Nearest in 3: David Ogg

Longest Putt: Matt Gibson

Money Hole: Ryan Nottle

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