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Collier - Island Pines - Round 1 - The Black Douglas

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Collier - Pines Island - The Black Douglas

Welcome to the New Season - 2023

A big field was at Collier for the start of the new season. The event has been named "The Black Douglas" in memory of Doug Stewart who was a Life Member and long time member of the club.

Robin Dalby spoke some words at the presentations to remind everyone of Doug's achievements and multiple positions he held during his time at the club. Hence the yearly event held at the start of each season in named in his memory. Gone but not forgotten.

The first shot played each year is the honor of the President of the club. In his first action as President Marc Geddes fired off the first shot to get the season on the way. As always the club pest "The Pirate" was seen in the back ground of the official photo below doing the Happy Gilmore Bull Dance. Who else would it be.

For the first round of the year the scores were out of this world. With the early starters - Peter Fitz, Pirate & David Ovel heading up the leaderboard early. Peter Fitz with an amasing 24 point front nine.

Then the charge from the middle groups started to climb their way up the leaderboard with Hammo, Tufs and Davies all playing some great golf.

The final groups challenge came late with Stafford and Matt Gibson heading towards the last several holes with a chance to climb over the leaders. Unfortunately hit some big numbers coming in and fell away.

With the leaderboard order changing by the hole in the latter stages between Mark, Hammo and Tufs,

After playing some great golf Hammo with 8 Pars and Tufs with 4 Pars and 2 Birdies both had unfortunate Double bogeys on holes 17 for Hammo and 16 for Tufs . Mark finished strong with 4 Pars and a Birdie to record a 1 under through the last 5 holes to level Hammo and Tufs on 38 points and pinched the win on a count back. Mark's round had 9 Pars and 1 Birdie.

I will be nice to Craig and not mention he won the NAGA again.

Great start to the season lads.


1st: Mark Davies (38)

2nd: Lawerence Tufnell (38)

3rd: Gary Hammond (38)

NAGA: Craig Markham (19)


Pines 3rd: Basil Musca

Pines 7th: Ryan Nottle

Island 2nd: Peter Plater

Island 4th: Peter Fitzpatrick

Long Drive A: Matt Gibson

Long Drive B: Stafford Mellowship

Nearest in 2: Mark Davies

Nearest in 3: Lawerance Tufnell

Longest Putt: Stafford Mellowship

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