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Dave Ovel walks tall in the Meadow

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Meadow Springs - Stableford

Down south the storm had arrived at Meadow Springs. It was a real wild weather in the morning and 22 brave souls faced mother nature and what she threw at us. Meadow Springs is a wonderful course and it stood up so well considering there's been so much rain in the last couple of days. The wind was blowing at least 90 km or more and seemed to get stronger in the second half of the round.

There were some great performances.

David Ovel who came first with 35 points is showing his true class yet again under such trying circumstances.

Paul Heine with 32 having a wonderful season and got another good podium finish and Trevor who is also having a good season came in 3rd and lost on account back with 32 points.

Some notable performances, Hammo had no wipes for the whole 18, which was an achievement. Stafford first nine of 20 points was full of lovely chips solid driving and wonderful putting. But he fell completely away on the back nine, wiped the first 3 holes and finished with 31 pts. On the first nine Basil scored 9 points and 4 wipes, 3 putted twice and 4 putted twice. Then turned and got 6 pars out of the next 7 holes and couldn’t miss a putt to make some sort of a comeback. Peter Fitzpatrick tremendous performance of 31 points again under such trying circumstances continues his much improved season.

One of the toughest days The Players Club had to face for their daily dose of golf and it was agreed by all.

Supplementary report by Paul Heine

Norm and Heiney were witness to an amazing round of golf on the weekend. The President David O on his first outing at Meadow Springs in conditions which were just awful. Strong winds rain and Norm and Heiney trying to get into his head. (Why. Because we are Aussies and hate POMS. It's a rugby and cricket thing).

His driving into the wind was mostly straight, approach shots low and accurate, putting well a bit average but sound I have seen better. Not sure what the go is with pouring rain and not wearing a hat but he has hair and Norm and I are hair challenged so maybe something in that. A fantastic round and great fun to watch. A very worthy winner considering his first outing at Meadow and the very crap conditions.


1st: David Ovel (35)

2nd: Paul Heine (32)

3rd: Trev Bindon (32)

NAGA: Steve Hooper (19)

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