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2023 Pennants Wrap up

A Message from the Pennants Captain Lawrence Tufnall

I would like to thank all the players that attended the Pennants 2023.

We had some brilliant golf played by all.

We almost managed to take 2nd spot but unfortunately we missed it over the weekend.

Well done to everyone involved with a total 18 for and 18 against, as a club we can be very proud of our efforts considering this was the first pennants the club has signed up to for over 40 years (allegedly).

Saturday's game was a must win for us however PGN managed to get over the line 5 & 1, Stafford was matched against a lovely lady off 36 taking the great Staff down 3&2 with what can only be described as one hell of a cracking match. Unlucky big fella you almost managed to make a come back.

Well done by all players who took part you have done our club proud and well done from the club to the Captain for orgainising the team each week.

A Message from the Club President below.

Thankyou Lauro on behalf of the Club for putting your hand up at the beginning of the campaign to organise and run it.

You lead from the front; you were an amazing team captain and personally it was a pleasure to represent the Club out in the wider golf world in Perth.

Great job buddy.


The Players Club President - Geddo

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