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2020 South West Open

An event shrouded in mystery.

Details are a little sketchy, but here's what we do know.

Everyone arrived and posed nicely.

The occasional beverage was consumed. Mainly healthy fresh squeezed carrot and apple juice.

Healthy low fat high fibre breakfasts were de rigueur.

The results were tallied

And winners are grinners!

Thanks to Leigh for the following final group final day report

Myself (95), Rob Mizen (96) and Norm (99) in the final group vying for the SWO title from Jamie Fitz the winner last year who clearly hadn’t drunk enough to be in contention this year. Rob taking a hefty 35 HCP into the final round meaning I was giving up 19 strokes and Norm 24 strokes!

Solid starts to Rob and Norm over the first few holes ensured that I was out of the running fairly early carding only 1s and a wipe to their 2s and 3s. Rob made the ground up pretty fast to be all square with Norm after 3 or 4 holes. Uncharacteristic long drives from Rob kept him in the hunt while Norm pounded long ball after long ball. But Norms putter was not obliging at all with mostly 2 and 3 putts on the front 9.

I turned with 14 points after finding some solid 3 wood and wedge form but the putter and irons were not complying so it was always going to be a long day!

6 holes without a shot from 7 through 12 catapulted Rob into the lead with some amazing putting and chipper work from 100 out and even from the bunker at times…..

However Rob started to fade and not even a hit of Snakes Lollies could stop the wipes coming with 2 in 3 holes seeing Norm storm back to all square with 1 hole to play. Both teed off long and true on the 18th with Norm left a 135 shot into the green and Rob opting to play 3 wood to 50 out. Norm put an 8 into the wind and uphill and came up short and right leaving him needing a strong up and down to win……..

“Thinking” they were all square Rob did something I have never seen……took a wedge and flopped a shot onto (?) the bunker from 50 out. Ballsy but ultimately won him the hole and the SWO. Both putted out and had a 6 but Robs HCP meant he was the winner.

However if you were a stickler for details then its probably worth knowing that on hole 10 Rob had a 4 but was initially marked a 2 when it was in fact a 4/3 so all along he was carrying a 1 shot lead and never needed to use his wedge on 18 after all……..

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