• Craig Markham

Relaxed games are good games

Collier - Stableford

This week was a reduced field of only 12 players with no side games or majors on the cards. The relaxed feel made for some good scoring overall. Mike Newman was an early favourite with 20 points on the first nine which was reflected in the Par 3 NTPs. However asking around the groups during a bit of crossing over, everyone seemed to have between 17 and 20 points which started discussions about the time when the NAGA had points. Marc Ellis was going great and so was Nigel Smith. Both never really went off course and kept the 3 pointers ticking over. Rob then caught fire late in the first nine, he had a couple of 3 pointers then a great approach to with a foot on the N2 hole ( Island 1st ) for 4 points, followed by another 3 and then a birdie for a rare 5 pointer. He kept it flowing chipping in twice to get to 40 points with 23 on the back. Nigel was unlucky to be just behind with Marc 3rd with a very solid 37 surviving a count back with 22 back nine points

The club welcomed William LYON as a visitor whom submitted his first card should he wish to become a member, invited down by Nigel and would fit right in.


1st: Rob Mathias (40)

2nd: Nigel Smith (39)

3rd: Mark Ellis (37)

NAGA: Leigh Harris (28)

Nearest to Pins:

Lakes 3rd: Mike Newman

Lakes 5th: Mike Newman

Lakes 8th: Mike Newman

Island 2nd: Lui Dinardo

Island 4th: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 2: Rob Mathias

Nearest in 3: Trevor Bindon

Longest Drives:

A Grade: No takers

B Grade: Mark Ellis

Longest Putt: Craig Markham

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