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  • Craig Markham

The 50th Anniversary Round

This week marked the 50th season of the Players Club. 20 members started out along with numerous guests and former members, some whom played bringing the group numbers up to 9 and some whom just joined for the lunch afterwards. Special thanks to Doug who had organised the event over the past year and negotiated some robust conversations with committee. Part of his brief was to contact many past members, arrange the meal, new club shirts, prizes, starter packs and memorabilia and most importantly, stay within a budget. He hit the markers and the day was success. The food was fantastic and the stories were getting better and better the longer the person had been away from the game with the odd walk up to the championship boards to prove a point.

As this was targeted toward the commencement of the 50th season it is not to be confused with the 50th birthday which is next year which is currently in the planning stage. It was refreshing to see some of the players from the past and it truly hits home what an achievement 50 seasons is and it makes you appreciate the contribution some people have made. In my era, I am seeing Doug Stewart Graham Little, Max Vallis and Gary Hammond putting in 25 to 30 years of work/dedication. A vast number of current members have stories of their previous clubs folding due to lack of numbers or leadership. The take home message for success is getting a balance of good new members through, fresh faces on the committee, having an understanding of the different roles within the committee and most importantly turning up.

There was some golf played including 4 Matchplay rounds. The story of the day was big game player, Ryan, (3 majors in 12 months) whom in recent weeks after some great rounds during the week fell over, much to his frustration, on Sundays, not this week though as he had tap in Pars all day, was only 4 over after 14 with no double bogeys and came in with 42 points. Not far behind was the consistent Marc Ellis and Norm had some great recovery shots off the tee to take out 3rd.

A little special mention re Ian Gunter, ( IG ) a great bloke and never short of a funny word or entertaining story, Today he didn’t disappoint with the text message to the President ( CM ) at 6.30am .. “Oi Get up you, don’t be late “ . CM “On my way “ . (IG) 6.45am “Where are you slacker “ CM 6.47am, “Here where are you? , IG I am here too where the hell are you ? , CM “On the tee“ IG 6.54 “….hmm on the tee …which tee would that be and what course by chance?” CM “Collier”. IG “In theory how long would it take to get there from Maylands …see you in 15min? “ And much to his disappointment after paying at Maylands for 18 it was extremely difficult to get his money back. I just need him to join up now so help with the dipstick award.

Other News​ - Match Play Results

DAVE THOMAS defeated TREVOR BINDON (7 and 6)


RYAN DORAN defeated LUI DINARDO (3 and 2)

GARY HAMMOND defeated MIKE NEWMAN (5 and 4)


1st: RYAN DORAN (42)

2nd: MARC ELLIS (40)

3rd: NORM MEWS (37)


Nearest to Pins:

Island 2nd: RYAN DORAN

Island 4th: IAN GUNTER



Nearest in 2: RYAN DORAN

Nearest in 3: LUI DINARDO

Longest Drives:



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